Many donkey factories are turning into sausage factories

Donkey's milk, only for donkeys?

Very trendy, donkey's milk. However, not really enough to make a whole movie out of it.

Definition and presentation

Like any mammal, the donkey produces milk to feed its young: at least as long as it is not withdrawn and in quantities of one to two liters per day, twenty times less than a cow. But it is true that the donkey female milk is, with that of the mare, the closest to the breast milk , with a low lipid rate (between 0.3 and 1.8 g per 100 g) and a rate of lactose high (between 5.8 and 7.4 g per 100 g).

THE donkey female milk also has a low protein level, which makes it hypoallergenic . At the same time, it is rich in Omega 3 and especially in a protein, lysosyme, which is an antibacterial: this enzyme cuts the membrane of bacteria, a property that has not yet been proven in humans.


Donkey's milk and skin

Rather, it is this market that has developed: at worst, this milk does no harm.

Eczema , acne , dry skin, and even wrinkles : THE Donkey's milk has no healing properties. Let's say it can relieve, especially insofar as it makes people aware that soap is aggressive for the skin. It dries it out instead of hydrating it.

But donkey's milk has no proven properties of its own.

Donkey's milk and psoriasis

Journalist Michael Theodoulou suffered from psoriasis . This columnist (for the Times, the Christian Science Monitor, etc.) based in Nicosia went to see the farm of doctor Photis Papademas, who offers donkey milk cures. After three months, the journalist would have been relieved of his psoriasis.

Possible, except donkey's milk (or other) actually moisturizes the skin : but dead cells, i.e. those which are about to fall. Psoriasis is a autoimmune disease , which the application of milk on the dead cells of the epidermis does not cure. This journalist would therefore exercise his profession a little oddly.

Donkey's milk and ecology

The problem is that the donkey is not a rabbit: at best, she has a foal every two to three years , with a gestation period of twelve to thirteen months. So much so that many donkey factories are transformed a little into sausage factories: thus end all these donkeys which are not used for production.

Faced with demand, donkey milk products sometimes contain very little. If you are tempted despite everything, be careful that this donkey's milk is organic… and that the product contains it.

Where to find it and at what price?

If you want (to make) drink Donkey's milk , also know that it does not keep very long. In France, the donkey factories exist almost everywhere as the territory.

The underside of donkey's milk
The underside of donkey's milk

THE soap of 100g sells for an average of five euros (shipping costs not included) and the moisturizing cream and milk for the body at just over twenty euros.

THE raw milk sells for around twenty euros. It is also sold in frozen plates (one or two kilos) or freeze-dried (500 g sachets).

Here, do what you want, but you have been warned!