We tell you about us!

Once upon a time, Sophie's Soaps.

It all started for us in 2015. I had skin issues such as eczema, very dry skin that was itchy and tight. No shower gel or soap suited me and I got tired of not finding products suitable for my skin. That's why I decided to start making soaps.
Initially, this manufacture was intended only for personal and family use. Our first soap was made from 100% olive oil, then we sought to enrich it.
Over the uses, my skin problems improved and eventually disappeared.
In view of these results, we decided to share them with those around us who were as won over as we were. The idea then came to us to share this experience with even more people.
We wanted to create soaps that are pleasant to use and therefore sufficiently lathering but also nourishing and moisturizing for the skin (the post-shower moisturizer is practically only a distant memory).
We only use noble, organic materials and have banned any harmful and synthetic components. We really wanted to make it a quality product that is suitable for all skin types and especially for dry skin.

Concerned about the environment, we have selected products that are not harmful to the environment, with the intention of getting closer to nature and 0 waste.
In terms of packaging, we have opted for 100% recyclable material that has no harmful impact on the environment or on human and animal health.
We have made my skin problems a family activity, moments of sharing and conviviality. And we are committed to keeping this side of sharing and pleasure with you by letting you know, and we hope, appreciate our products.
The rest is yet to come and will be written with you…